Hveravellir Christmas Buffet 2021

Hveravellir Christmas Buffet 2021

The annual Christmas Buffet of the notorious Fjalla-Eyvindur and Halla will be held at Hveravellir on Saturday November 27th and also saturday December 4th 2021. Saturday November 20th will be added if needed.

Nothing will be spared to make the event a magical experience in Hveravellir, situated on the high plateau of Iceland.
All the delicacies will be featured such as smoked lamb, herring and rúgbrauð, salmon and assortements from the wild life menu.

For those who have the required 4×4 jeep and do not want to travel alone in the mountains over winter we offer guiding north Kjölur and back. Experienced guides will be going back and forth both days.

We also have the facilities to offer the travel if you don’t have a vehicle suited.

The price is moderate for this experience, and includes the dinner, breakfast and lodging.

One night in dormitory sleeping bag accomodation in Old Hut with breakfast and buffet ISK 16.900 and special offer of ISK 19.900 for 2 nights

Or one night in room for 2 with made up bed in New Hut with breakfast and Christmas Buffet ISK 20.900per person, special offer of 2 nights with breakfast for 2 ISK 26.900

One night for one in room in New Hut with breakfast and Christmas Buffet ISK 28.900, special offer 2 nights with breakfast 32.900 ISK.

Booking and further information, send us an email to hveravellir@hveravellir.is or give us a call on 660-1366.