The Orange Trail

Estimated walking time 4-5 hrs, elevation increase 145 meters. The name “Þjófadalir” means valleys of the thieves and there is an old legend about outlaws and thieves that supposedly hid in this area. The path is easy and flat. It takes you through very alternating landscapes –  beginning of the trail you cross astonishing lava field and then meadows covered with flowers and berries. Do not forget to bring a flask – such crystal clear water straight from the glacier you will come across on the way is rather rare.  From the ridge is a short walk to the hut built in 1939 owned by Ferðafélag Ísland ( The area is very friendly and richly vegetated. For your viewing pleasure there is a mountain called Rauðkollur or “Mt. Redhead” and the view towards the massive Langjökull glacier. There is also of course the panoramic view over Kerlingafjöll and Hofsjökull glacier.